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Balham, London_

Conversion & Extension

Balham, Highroad, SW17 7BA

The Brief:

The client’s London firm, which has been growing quickly, requested an examination of its workplace for a need for delicate work.

Early on, specific criteria and well-defined plan concepts from all potential clients were considered. It became clear that in addition to the typical assembly rooms and open-plan office spaces, there was a need for a bigger leisure area, modified by a calm area, a soothing library, and a reflection room.

To split the space and provide suitable extra rooms for the purchasers, clever partition design was needed for this conversion and extension. The fact that it was an office with numerous stories presented the need to modernize the stair covering and construct a more stylish fence for them.

The office’s look has declined because it has been in use continually since the company’s foundation, particularly the flooring. This was thus added to the list of things that needed to be done, and when the flooring was changed, carpeting had to be put in the entire workplace. so that employees are free to walk about the office and feel comfortable. The new partitions also required painting in a single colour after installation, and several damaged walls required new covers since workers had utilized the office and harmed those walls. Install outlets and new lighting in the new rooms as well.


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Contract Value


Delivery Programme Period

43 Days

Building Services Consultant

Lee Trust

The Project:

Throughout the tendering process, the architect from our organization kept in touch with the customers to make sure that all the details were understood and his work was completed to the greatest standards. The architect provided all the information that the client had added or changed to our pricing team in order to produce an accurate project estimate and earn the client’s trust—possibly for future projects.

The project was assigned to the project manager when we were able to surpass the competitors, who also gained praise from our company’s managers. The site manager was also given responsibility for them. The project manager then allocated workers to the building site for all relevant types of work. A highly effective way to separate a huge room into smaller ones that is also quick and simple to construct is a stud segment divider: Scope of work

Built-in stud wall frame: Following the approval of all the blueprints, we measured the space, cut the wood there, and then our sub-contractors started installing the ceiling plate. It was now time to put in the vertical studs, so we measured the distance between the ceiling and floor slabs that had already been built and cut the studs to that length.

Plasterboard was further used: After the wall structure was finished, we added plaster using 12.5mm plasterboard.

Filled frame: For the project, it was decided that adding sound insulation between two sheets of plasterboard would be beneficial for sound insulation and energy productivity. All of the walls were plastered together, even the ones that needed to be painted, once the partitions had been installed.

After thoroughly cleaning the base, on which the laminate should be installed, we applied a vapor-moisture-proof layer, specifically polyethylene film, before spreading the coating on the floor. It was also required to place a noise-cancelling pad beneath the laminated coating, which also serves as a shock-cancelling layer and lets you conceal tiny flaws.

Before installing the laminate, the material had to adapt to the space’s temperature characteristics. To do this, sealed packets of the material were carried in and left in the room for a predetermined amount of time after delivery.

In order to ensure that everything was laid precisely to the end of the room, they started by laying the laminate from the farthest corner of the room to its very departure. They paid particular attention to the equality of the first few rows and the accuracy of the closing.

Some rooms were carpeted after the laminate was installed. A cantilever or floating staircase was intended for this building as a focal point upon entry to the subsequent floor. With gorgeous oak steps and handrails connected to glass balustrade, cantilever staircases are particularly well adapted to modern architecture, and this cutting-edge staircase design was no exception. After all of the work was finished, we cleaned the office thoroughly so that it was suitable for use

Renovation Construction

Client feedback

“I need to express gratitude toward and saluting the KIM Construction & Development on your achievements. The London conversion and extension for us and this office move is of critical significance to our Company and our employees. You all have contributed to make a superb space for our workers to work with one another and have made the method to date smooth for us. Thank you and I trust you’re pleased with your endeavours and accomplishments.”

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