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Hivings Hill Chesham

The Brief

Mr. Adrian's project commenced with an unforeseen water damage incident, affecting multiple areas of his property, including the garage, living room, bathroom, and two bedrooms. Seeking a solution, Mr. Adrian reached out to us, prompting an immediate response from our team. Understanding the urgency of the situation, one of our representatives met with Mr. Adrian in person to assess the damage and gather detailed project requirements. With a focus on efficiency and professionalism, we promptly provided Mr. Adrian with a customized quote tailored to his specific needs and he was happy to proceed


The project commenced with a systematic approach to protect the unaffected areas of Mr. Adrian's property. Our team prioritized the preservation of floors and furniture, employing careful measures to prevent any inadvertent damage during the restoration process. With precision and attention to detail, we initiated the restoration by methodically stripping down layers of wallpaper, flooring, ceiling panels, and insulation in the affected areas.


Mr Adrian Magennis





Contract Value


Delivery Programme Period

10 days


as our team proceeded with the stripping process, a significant challenge emerged— manifesting in the form of widespread mold infestation throughout the floors, walls, and ceiling of these spaces. Recognizing the critical nature of this issue, our team swiftly pivoted to implement a comprehensive remediation strategy.

Our first step involved the application of specialized anti-mold solutions to the affected areas. This targeted approach aimed to eradicate the mold at its source, effectively inhibiting further growth and ensuring a lasting solution.


Subsequently, a layer of anti-mold paint was expertly applied to the walls and ceiling, serving as an additional safeguard against potential recurrence. By addressing the mold infestation with proactive and precise measures, we upheld our commitment to delivering thorough and effective solutions. Our actions not only restored the visual appeal of the affected areas but also prioritized the health and safety of Mr. Adrian and his household.

Through our professional approach and dedication to excellence, we successfully navigated this unforeseen challenge, laying the groundwork for the subsequent phases of the restoration process. Our proactive stance underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that exceed client expectations and ensure long-term satisfaction.Top of Form


Throughout the project, we maintained clear communication and transparency, ensuring Mr. Adrian was informed every step of the way. Despite encountering challenges, such as logistical complexities, our experienced project manager and dedicated subcontractors handled each obstacle with professionalism and expertise. Over the course of only ten working days, our team diligently worked to restore Mr. Adrian's property to its pre-damaged condition. Upon completion of the project, Mr. Adrian expressed his satisfaction with the results. Although minor issues arose post-completion, our team promptly addressed them, demonstrating our commitment to delivering high-quality work and ensuring client satisfaction.


In summary, Mr. Adrian's project exemplifies our dedication to providing efficient, professional, and reliable services tailored to meet our clients' needs. Through clear communication, transparent processes, and skilled execution, we successfully restored Mr. Adrian's property, leaving him satisfied with the outcome


Client feedback

I'm actually surprised that the project was completed within only 10 days. I had a tight timeframe to sell the property, and KIM C&D team did an amazing job by completing the project without compromising the quality of work.

Mr Adrian Magennis

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