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KIM Construction is a London based contractor engaging with collaborators across public and private domains to create a sustainable built environment. By working closely with diverse stakeholders, we go beyond construction, aiming to create and deliver lasting legacies for the communities in which we work. 

Collaborating closely with local authorities and housing associations, our company specializes in forging strategic partnerships for residential construction and development. We pride ourselves on creating synergies that go beyond traditional business relationships, working hand in hand with public entities to address housing needs in our communities.


Through these dynamic collaborations, we bring innovative solutions to the forefront of residential development, ensuring that our projects align seamlessly with the broader goals and visions of local stakeholders. Our commitment extends beyond construction to fostering sustainable communities, and we leverage these partnerships to create lasting positive impacts on the housing landscape.

We have significant experience of using innovation to deliver complex projects across a range of industries, including in education, residential, commercial and healthcare. 


Design and Construct

As expert design and construction integrators, we have dedicated teams offering a fully coordinated pre-construction service enabling us to facilitate the design vision of your build.


At KIM, we use Building Information Modelling (BIM) to generate, share and manage information collaboratively with our customers and supply chain.

Focused Sector Expertise

With dedicated teams throughout London across all sectors, KIM puts experts at the forefront of all our projects ensuring seamless expert delivery and handover.

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