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People Make KIM

At KIM C&D, we take immense pride in our exceptional team of dedicated professionals who are the backbone of our construction and architecural endeavors. With a diverse array of talents and expertise, we have carefully curated a team that encompasses various fields of specialization to cater to your every construction need.

Our project managers are the visionary leaders who ensure that every project, from inception to completion, runs seamlessly, on time, and on budget. They collaborate closely with our architects and engineers to transform your dreams into concrete structures, fusing design brilliance with technical precision.

The crucial work of our surveyors provides the foundational data and insights that guarantee the accuracy and quality of our projects. They are the guardians of precision and alignment.

Our visual creators and BIM model makers add an artistic flair to our work, transforming ideas into visual masterpieces that not only impress our clients but also guide our teams throughout the construction process.

At KIM C&D, our team is not just our strength; it's our promise to deliver excellence and to create a future where diversity, expertise, and collaboration thrive. We're excited to work with you and introduce you to our exceptional team, ready to bring your construction dreams to life.

Meet The Team

Azzam Hakim


Azzam Hakim

A University of Westminster graduate with a passion for sustainability and biotechnology, Azzam is driven by a vision of creating innovative, environmentally conscious structures that harmoniously blend with nature. With a diverse background in construction, maintenance, and development, Azzam possess a comprehensive understanding of the entire project lifecycle.  With each project, Azzam  strive to leave a lasting impact on the built environment, championing a greener and more sustainable future.

Sho Ito


Sho Ito

Sho Ito is a registered Architect and has worked for some of the biggest architectural practices in London such as Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, DRMM and AHMM across the commercial sector. He has been an invited guest panel and given workshops at several UK universities and internationally. Ito's personal interests are towards adopting digital tools to explore and iterate structural adaptation and retrofitting of new architectural elements with the existing fabric of the cities and buildings to further maximise its life expectancy to further provide new forms of spaces that is not only driven by environmental and technical solutions but is very much linked to an architectural and spatial implication.



Lourenco Viveiros

Lourenco's passion for technology is extraordinary, especially in his adept creation of realistic visual content, particularly through the intricate process of Building Information Modeling (BIM). His proficiency in BIM, a comprehensive workflow process integral to the planning, design, and management of architectural projects, showcases his dedication to utilizing cutting-edge tools for optimal project outcomes. Beyond his architectural pursuits, Lourenco's keen interest spans the realm of technology, from exploring the potentials of XR/VR to understanding the impact of video games on design and psychology

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