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House Renovation

Star Wharf, 40 St Pancras Way, Camden NW1 0QX

The Brief:

Our refurbishment department was contacted by the property management team regarding a flat in Camden that had suffered fire damage, necessitating a comprehensive restoration. The client's request encompassed a range of refurbishment tasks to bring the space back to life. The scope included reinstalling the kitchen, painting the entire house, replacing carpets, and expanding some rooms and the hallway for enhanced functionality.

The Project:

The challenge was not just in the restoration but in transforming the space to exceed its previous state. Beyond the structural elements, our interior design department was engaged to add the final touches, elevating the aesthetic appeal and ensuring a harmonious and stylish living environment.

The entire project was executed with precision and efficiency, taking a total of 5 weeks to complete. Our dedicated team worked diligently to not only restore the flat but to enhance its overall design, turning adversity into an opportunity for improvement. The collaborative effort between our refurbishment and interior design departments resulted in a revitalized and aesthetically pleasing living space for our satisfied client.


Olivers Town Estate





Contract Value


Delivery Programme Period

5 Weeks


Client feedback:

''I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional service and outstanding work KIM team has provided during the recent refurbishment of my flat in Camden. From the initial consultation to the final touches by your interior design department, the entire process exceeded my expectations. The collaboration with your interior design department added a unique and personalized touch to the flat. The final aesthetic touches have not only improved the look of the space but have also created a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.''


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